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Nikky Manfredi

Nikky Manfredi

Communications and Content Specialist

Nikky sees storytelling as a kind of asymptotic pursuit of meaning and truth: you work endlessly to try to create something as close to real and true as you can, knowing full well you can’t quite ever reach ‘it,’ and so by that seeming limitation, the pursuit never ends. She loves throwing mud at the wall with other people who are also made warm and bright-eyed by the fruitful absurdity of this process.

Believing that the most compelling people to interview are usually those compelled by human potential, human joy, and human fallibility, Nikky finds herself in good company at the Centre for Social Innovation (Toronto).

When she isn’t getting lost in a story, Nikky likes to get lost in other ways: on a long hike, over a warm meal, on a dance floor, in a conversation. Prior to joining CSI, she worked at The Walrus, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and Pillar Nonprofit Network.