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Sami Saeed M. Hassan Headshot

Sami Saeed M. Hassan

Community Administrator - CSI Spadina

Sami strongly believes that being an active team member – helping each other, co-working, collaborating and cooperating – is the best way to achieve desired goals and success. He thrives on helping others, obtaining this “operating” energy from being a positive member/part of a community.

Sami is interested in making the world a better place for all creatures to live in. He believes that if everyone tries to do that in their small niches, then all our ecosystem will be running healthy. He loves animals, generally, and butterflies specifically, an interest that deepen during his undergrad studies. He learned that  butterflies are really cute creatures, colourful, beautiful, delicate and still POWERFUL! They are so powerful that they can indicate to us how our global ecosystem is changing; and no one can ignore their vital role in pollination and keeping the natural plants populations going on. Sami would love to follow the butterflies lead and be a useful creature to sustain the living environment.